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Dear neighbors,


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as you alder. I enjoy working collaboratively with neighbors, my colleagues on the council, the citizen members of city committees and city residents to build a great city.

As your elected representative, I am committed to address racial disparities and economic inequality.  I will do my best to leverage city resources to provide quality basic services, affordable housing and social programs. We need to insure that our public schools remain top-notch and that all students succeed. We need to partner with the school district, students, parents, and community groups to close the opportunity gap for kids of color.

I will continue to work on sustainable economic development strategies that create living wages, green our economy, support public transportation and healthy neighborhoods. I will continue to work on environmental and water quality issues and address the industrial legacy of the near east side. My work is grounded in careful listening and consensus building to resolve issues and insure effective participation in city processes and our local democracy. I believe my solid representation and progressive values has served District 6 and the city well.

I hope I can count on your support on April 7.